NFS-VltEd v2.1 Released

This release of NFS-VltEd adds the following new features and support.
  • Added sorting of middle column,
  • Added Reopen option which re-reads the currently selected databases,
  • Fixed an issue related to NFS World Online.

In the meantime I'm working on a simplified user interface that will allow modifying and viewing individual values more easily. Below is a screenshot showing the interface that will be delivered in a future update.


NFS-VltEd v2.0 Released

What's new in NFS-VltEd.

  • Added support for gameplay.bin, cars_vault.bin, commerce.bin files
  • Added automatic backup of modified files
  • Added support of various data types
  • All vlt & bin files are loaded at once
  • Fixed several bugs when saving to file
  • Fixed reported issues
  • Added hundreds of resolved hashes
  • Open NFS-VltEd. 
  • Press Ctrl+O on keyboard or click File/Open menu to select game installation folder you want to edit.
  • Edit any value you want then press Ctrl+S or click File/Save to save changes directly.
  • You can also export your changed values to NFS-ModInstaller* by nfsu360 configuration file, you can later import these setting back to NFS-VltEd or add it to mod installer package.
* - This tool will be a part of NFS-Toolkit package.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


NFS-VltEd v1.1 Released

New features:
- ability to load the following files: globalmemoryfile.bin, attributes.bin, fe_attrib.bin, gameplay.bin & gameplay.lzc (except NFS:ProStreet and NFS:Undercover)
- added new decoded hashes (thanks to Robin'7t4)
- dark theme (optional)

- support for NFS:World
- added list of modified values that allows to view and switch between them


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • To extract .rar archive latest version of WinRAR is required


NFS-VltEd Released

NFS-VltEd it's a editor that allows to view and modify data in game database. The tool was designed to be very easy to use so it has built-in data validation and all changes are directly saved to database.

Supported games:
- NFS:Most Wanted
- NFS:Carbon
- NFS:ProStreet
- NFS:Undercover

Thanks to Robin'7t4 most of hashes are resolved and will be successively updated.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • To extract .rar archive latest version of WinRAR is required


NFS Modding Toolkit #3

Need For Speed Toolkit is "all-in-one" powerful modding tool, it is texture viewer, geometry viewer and texture & geometry compiler for NFS games (from Underground to Undercover) and even more... 

The tool was designed to be very easy to use. Loaded geometry data or textures can be exported to NFS binary format.

Citroen is an exclusively created test car using this tools and it will be released soon.


NFS Modding Toolkit #2

All projects have been cancelled but it is not a bad news because I decided to create a all-in-one tool called NFS Modding Toolkit. The tool will have a user friendly interface that allows to load various files (.obj, .z3d (v1 only), .bin (textures, geometry)). Right now supported games are:
  • Need For Speed Underground 2 (read only)
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted (read only)
  • Need For Speed Carbon (read only)
  • Need For Speed ProStreet (read only)
  • Need For Speed Undercover (read  / export)

I will keep you posted.

Example car for Need For Speed Undercover

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Underground 2


NFS Modding Toolkit

Added new functionality to NFS Modding Toolkit. Now all textures are displayed as a list of images and can be exported via 'Texture' menu. Current version of the tool supports reading textures from the following games:
  • NFS Underground 2
  • NFS Most Wanted
  • NFS Carbon
  • NFS ProStreet
  • NFS Undercover
Also there is an ability to load textures from directory. Loaded textures can be exported to TEXTURES.BIN file that is compatible with Need For Speed Undercover game. In future other games will be supported as well.

Example file from NFS Underground 2 loaded into Toolkit.

Example file from NFS Undercover loaded into Toolkit.


NFS: Undercover ModTools - update 2

I am still working on the tools for Need For Speed Undercover. I made huge progress. Geometry Compiler, Texture Compiler and Geometry Viewer have been replaced by single tool called NFS Modding Toolkit. More detailed information about this tool will be posted soon.

The current version of the first car that is fully supported by the game. This car was created by Robin'7t4.


NFS Geometry Viewer has been completed. Currently there are two supported games: NFS ProStreet and NFS Undercover. In future other NFS games will be added. Viewer can open geometry files that contain cars, traffics and parts like spoilers. Integrated hash resolving module provides full names so part/texture/material name will not be trimmed. Additional functionality is ability to preview .obj and .z3d (zmodeler v1.0x) files.


NFS: Undercover ModTools

Work on this version of tools has been resumed. Stay tuned for more information :)