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NFS: Underground 2 CfgInstaller v1.5

The following packages have been updated:
NFS:Underground 2 ModTools 1.2NFS:Underground 2 BMW M3 1.2 NFS-CfgInstaller has been removed and replaced with a new tool: NFS: Underground 2 CfgInstaller.

The tool has user friendly interface and supports .u2cfg and .u2car files.

Old NFS-CfgInstaller tool was detected as infected. It was a false positive detection(it's a very common problem in the antivirus industry).

NFS-VltEd v3.0 Released

New version of NFS-VltEd has been released. Version 3 brings a lot of features and fixes over the older release. New user interface is probably the first thing that can be noticed.

Old user interface: