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NFS-VltEd v1.1 Released

New features:
- ability to load the following files: globalmemoryfile.bin, attributes.bin, fe_attrib.bin, gameplay.bin & gameplay.lzc (except NFS:ProStreet and NFS:Undercover) - added new decoded hashes (thanks to Robin'7t4) - dark theme (optional)
- support for NFS:World - added list of modified values that allows to view and switch between them
Download the latest version here Requirements:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

NFS-VltEd v1.0 Released

NFS-VltEd it's a editor that allows to view and modify data in game database. The tool was designed to be very easy to use so it has built-in data validation and all changes are directly saved to database.

Supported games:
- NFS:Most Wanted
- NFS:Carbon
- NFS:ProStreet
- NFS:Undercover

Thanks to Robin'7t4 most of hashes are resolved and will be successively updated.
Download the latest version here Requirements:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5To extract .rar archive use the latest version of WinRAR

NFS Modding Toolkit #3

Need For Speed Toolkit is "all-in-one" powerful modding tool, it is a texture viewer, geometry viewer and texture & geometry compiler for NFS games (from Underground to Undercover) and even more... 

Citroen is an exclusively created test car using this tools and it will be released soon.

NFS Modding Toolkit #2

All projects have been cancelled but it is not a bad news because I decided to create a all-in-one tool called NFS Modding Toolkit. The tool will have a user friendly interface that allows to load various files (.obj, .z3d (v1 only), .bin (textures, geometry)). Right now supported games are:
Need For Speed Underground 2 (read only)Need For Speed Most Wanted (read only)Need For Speed Carbon (read only)Need For Speed ProStreet (read only)Need For Speed Undercover (read  / export) Example car for Need For Speed Undercover