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NFS:Carbon Preview of world's first fully compatible addon car - Bugatti Veyron

This car was created using NFS:Carbon ModTools.
NFS:Carbon Geometry Compiler included in this tools supports Autosculpt. Autosulpt data is created automatically in compilation process. Supported formats by Geometry Compiler are .obj and .z3d.
NFS:Carbon/ProStreet Texture Compiler support textures in Direct Draw Surface format (.dds). Available types of compression are DXT1 and DXT5.

NFS:Carbon Geometry Successfully Cracked

11 March 2010: NFS:Carbon Geometry Successfully Cracked by nfsu360

NFS:U2 - How to make neons?

Making underbody neons (there are also trunk neons and engine neons)

NFS-Mapper work in progress


NFS:MW Environment geometry preview using NFS-Mapper

Example objects from NFS:Most Wanted game viewed using the NFS-Mapper tool. This tool allow to export and import geometry.