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NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools - Update progress

New features of NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools:
- geometry files are prevented from opening
- car paint and vinyls are supported
- window tint is supported
- now cars are easier to create: compiler automatically links LODs parts
- simplify the naming of parts: without "_A" at the end
- simplify materials nomenclature: matlist.txt file is not needed, all is stored in materials name, eg:
CHROME@%_MISC => shader: CHROME, texture: %_MISC

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools Update progress

I'm currently working on update for NFS:ProSteet ModTools. Updated Geometry Compiler will lock geometry. Package will include new tool: NFS-VltEd for ProSteet. This tool will create files handled by installer.

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools v0.6 Released

Need For Speed ProStreet Modding Tools it is a toolkit that allows you to create cars for NFS: ProStreet.
Download the latest version here
Some Rights Reserved. Release/distribute as you wish, as long as no modifications are made to any part of this package without prior permission, and you don't profit from any such distribution.

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools Public Release

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools v0.6 will be releasedJuly 12, 2011.

Package willinclude the following ready tools:
- NFS: ProStreet Geometry Compiler,
- NFS: Carbon / ProStreet Texture Compiler,
- NFS: ProStreet Geometry Viewer.

In near future I will add additional tools for this package, because some tools are not ready to release.