NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools v0.6 Released

Need For Speed ProStreet Modding Tools it is a toolkit that allows you to create cars for NFS: ProStreet.

Some Rights Reserved. Release/distribute as you wish, as long as no modifications are made to any part of this package without prior permission, and you don't profit from any such distribution.


  1. finally waited, cool!!! Thx!))

  2. nfsu360, what about the paint shader?

  3. MrEverest, I don't know, standart ProStreet models use texture CARBONFIBRE_PLACEHOLDER, on new cars it work but with bugs.

  4. I have a problem with the compiler geometry. When saving file, the compiler is closed. What could the problem?

  5. I it possible send project that you compile. I will check what is wrong.

  6. when i try to compile it says "Loading geometry: simca.obj
    ERROR: Indices count for CAMARO_KIT00_BODY_A exceeded 65536.
    ERROR: Compilation aborted."
    what does this mean?


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