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NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools release date

Updated NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools will be released on 1st January 2012.

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools - Update progress

New features of NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools:
- geometry files are prevented from opening
- car paint and vinyls are supported
- window tint is supported
- now cars are easier to create: compiler automatically links LODs parts
- simplify the naming of parts: without "_A" at the end
- simplify materials nomenclature: matlist.txt file is not needed, all is stored in materials name, eg:
CHROME@%_MISC => shader: CHROME, texture: %_MISC

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools Update progress

I'm currently working on update for NFS:ProSteet ModTools. Updated Geometry Compiler will lock geometry. Package will include new tool: NFS-VltEd for ProSteet. This tool will create files handled by installer.

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools v0.6 Released

Need For Speed ProStreet Modding Tools it is a toolkit that allows you to create cars for NFS: ProStreet.
Download the latest version here
Some Rights Reserved. Release/distribute as you wish, as long as no modifications are made to any part of this package without prior permission, and you don't profit from any such distribution.

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools Public Release

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools v0.6 will be releasedJuly 12, 2011.

Package willinclude the following ready tools:
- NFS: ProStreet Geometry Compiler,
- NFS: Carbon / ProStreet Texture Compiler,
- NFS: ProStreet Geometry Viewer.

In near future I will add additional tools for this package, because some tools are not ready to release.

NFS:Carbon Car Setup update (v3.0)

- Now all version of NFS:Carbon are supported (including NFS:Carbon Direct
Download version). There is no more message that NFS Carbon folder is not valid.
- Added new uninstall algorithm. Now backup car configuration is created separately
for installed mod inside output directory eg. ...\CARS\240SX\CARSETUP_UNINSTALL

NFS:Carbon Car Setup 3.0 Download link

NFS-TexEd - working on support NFS World Online

Now NFS-TexEd supports some files from NFS World Online.

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools Update 4 - Geometry Viewer

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools will contains tool Geometry Viewer. This tool automatically load textures.bin and apply textures to render geometry. With this tool modders can view original geometry.bin structure eg. for properly assigns texture and material. Also user can enable wireframe mode or disable textures in render window.

NFS: ProStreet - URO - Released


NFS: ProStreet - URO - Finished & Release date

Example mod URO is finished. Added new body kit:

Release date: Mar 28 2011

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools Update 3

Video shows fully compatible custom car created for NFS ProStreet.