NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools Update 4 - Geometry Viewer

NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools will contains tool Geometry Viewer. This tool automatically load textures.bin and apply textures to render geometry. With this tool modders can view original geometry.bin structure eg. for properly assigns texture and material. Also user can enable wireframe mode or disable textures in render window.


  1. what program are you using to make this tools?
    please tell me to create my own programs

  2. marius_jupanu2008, maybe something like C++ Builder or Borland Delphi. But to create such awesome programs like this one, you need to hardly learn programming and reverse-engineering, dude

  3. can you add a function like in u2 geo ed to extract parts?
    nice job btw!

  4. Thank you for your hard work! If not difficult, can you add to nfs:u tools Geometry Viewer and fix bug with low physical proxy on own cars?

  5. this is so fuckin cool dude thxs


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