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NFS-VltEd v3.1 Released

What's new in this update of NFS-VltEd:
added support of NFS:Worldfixes related to NFS:ProStreet (eg. camera, autosculpt)added Most Wanted Patch Script importer, now .MWPS files can be directly loaded into the database. To import Most Wanted Patch Script (MWPS) to a database
On the Tools menu, select MWPS Importer.Click the Import button.In the Import NFS:MW Patch Script dialog box, locate and select the file you want to import.All processed entries from the mwps file will be visible in the MWPS Import results window.Click the OK button to apply changes. You can also discard changes by clicking the Cancel button.

NFS: Underground 2 CfgInstaller v1.5

The following packages have been updated:
NFS:Underground 2 ModTools 1.2NFS:Underground 2 BMW M3 1.2 NFS-CfgInstaller has been removed and replaced with a new tool: NFS: Underground 2 CfgInstaller.

The tool has user friendly interface and supports .u2cfg and .u2car files.

Old NFS-CfgInstaller tool was detected as infected. It was a false positive detection(it's a very common problem in the antivirus industry).

NFS-VltEd v3.0 Released

New version of NFS-VltEd has been released. Version 3 brings a lot of features and fixes over the older release. New user interface is probably the first thing that can be noticed.

Old user interface:

NFS-VltEd v2.1 Released

This release of NFS-VltEd adds the following new features and support.
Added sorting of middle column,Added Reopen option which re-reads the currently selected databases,Fixed an issue related to NFS World Online.Download the latest version hereDownload NFS-VltEd 2.1
In the meantime I'm working on a simplified user interface that will allow modifying and viewing individual values more easily. Below is a screenshot showing the interface that will be delivered in a future update.

NFS-VltEd v2.0 Released

What's new in NFS-VltEd.
Added support for gameplay.bin, cars_vault.bin, commerce.bin filesAdded automatic backup of modified filesAdded support of various data typesAll vlt and bin files are loaded at onceFixed several bugs when saving to fileFixed reported issuesAdded hundreds of resolved hashes