NFS-VltEd v2.1 Released

This release of NFS-VltEd adds the following new features and support.
  • Added sorting of middle column,
  • Added Reopen option which re-reads the currently selected databases,
  • Fixed an issue related to NFS World Online.

In the meantime I'm working on a simplified user interface that will allow modifying and viewing individual values more easily. Below is a screenshot showing the interface that will be delivered in a future update.


  1. Great! Thanks for your tools, can't wait for NFS-Toolkit package:)

  2. Keep up the great work. BTW, take a look at your e-mail inbox, i've sent you a request.

  3. Hey, do you know any ways for unlocking the framerate of NFS:PS? I know the 1.0 version of the game has no FPS limit, but v1.1 has a 30fps lock. I can play a v1.1 install of the game with the v1.0 .exe, but will crash whenever I try and view cars like the Veyron or any booster pack cars.

    It's painful playing at 30fps :(

  4. Wow! Another big update!
    Thanks very much for updating this awesome tool!

  5. More support for NFS undercover please! Great tool

  6. Good! but can you make a "select all cars" for a "same value" (sorry for bad english)

  7. WOW Thanks :D I can finally repair the weird car sounds in NFS World ^^ For example: the Quattro 20v or the Focus RS :D

  8. Will you release NFSUC ModTools? I really want to mod NFS Undercover.

    BTW, nice tool!

  9. hi can you give me a direct link because this link not work.

  10. cant open the programm,dafuq


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