NFS-VltEd v4.6 released

The updated version has been released.

NFS-CarToolkit - World support

NFS-CarToolkit - added support for NFS World. The world's first fully compatible car mod - GT by Citroen (Robin7t4).

NFS-CarToolkit v1.0 released

NFS-CarToolkit is a universal tool that allows you to create car mods for Speed games.

Main features of version 1.0:

Loading GEOMETRY.BIN and TEXTURES.BIN files from all Speed games (Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet, Undercover and World),Loading mods from the following 3D formats: Wavefront .OBJ, ZModeler v1.x,Geometry and texture viewers,Exporting the loaded geometry objects to the Wavefront .OBJ format,Exporting the loaded textures as Direct Draw Surface .DDS files,Exporting  GEOMETRY.BIN & TEXTURES.BIN compatible with Undercover (the list of supported games will be increased in the next update)
The user interface has 4 sections:

Recent files – list of files / folders that have been used recently. You can clear out invalid, for example moved or deleted, entries by clicking the Clear non-existing button. There is an option to remove all entries too (the Clear all button). To load any entry just double click on it, alternatively you can press the Enter but…

NFS-Toolkit - NFS: World - Sample map

NFS-Toolkit supports NFS World. The sample map shows different surfaces and objects (yellow barrels).

NFS-Toolkit - NFS World support

NFS-Toolkit now supports NFS World.

NFS-Disculator v1.0 Released

NFS-Disculator it's a tool that allows to extract content of console version of NFS game (using ZDIR.BIN).