NFS-Toolkit #7 - Nevada Highway (ProStreet) to Most Wanted conversion

Next successful conversion, this time is one of the tracks from ProStreet - Nevada Highway. The police helicopter is doing quite well in the new map.

NFS-VltEd - Usage #2 - the ModScript format

The ModScript

It's a simple scripting language that supports several commands, external files, basic file operations and comments. The format is text-based, so NFSMS files can be edited via any text editor (for example Notepad).

NFS-Toolkit #6 - Map conversion from Most Wanted to Carbon

Next conversion has been done. This time in the opposite direction, from NFS Most Wanted to Carbon. At the moment the city looks a bit abandoned because of missing lighting and traffic.

NFS-Toolkit #5 - Map conversion from Carbon to Most Wanted

Recently made progress allows to finally test one of the biggest advantages of the tool - map conversion between EAGL games. First ever made conversion was from NFS Carbon to NFS Most Wanted because those two games are very well supported by the tool. Missing things (animations, traffic) will be successively added.

NFS-Toolkit #4 - NFS: Underground 2 & Carbon

Added support for two additional games: Underground 2 and Carbon.
NFS: Underground 2

NFS: Carbon

NFS-Toolkit #3

Video showing the capabilities of the tool I am currently working on. The entire map and collisions were generated by NFS-Toolkit on the basis of a .obj file exported by Blender.