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NFS:U2 Environment geometry preview

Few example objects from NFS:Underground 2 game viewed using the new tool.


NFS:MW ModTools Announced

NFS:MW Geometry Compiler features: - support .obj format
- support .z3d format
- automatically converts the names to uppercase
- car selection (automatically adding prefix)
- optimized compiling

NFS:U ModTools v1.0 released

With NFS:U Geometry Compiler you can create fully functional mods for NFS Underground.

NFS:U Texture Compiler is tool for creating NFS: Underground textures.bin files. Compiler support .dds files. DDS file must be compressed as DXT 1 or DXT 3. Long names are supported.

NFS-CfgEd for NFS:U - with this tool you can fix wheel positions for your addons cars and also you can assign 'Manufacturer logo' to your car. You can import exported files using NFS-CfgInstaller.

You can provide NFS-CfgInstaller with your own mod package to allow install configuration data.

First custom car for NFS: Underground released

Download page: BMW M3 v1.0 for NFS: Underground

The worlds first community created custom car modification for Need for Speed Underground - BMW M3.

NFS:U2 Car Installer Announced

NFS:U2 Car Installer is tool that allow to install compiled cars. This tool allows convert geometry, textures and configuration data during installation to selected car. It is very easy to use.

Update 2017/02/01: This project is suspended so the tool is not available to download.

NFS:U2 ModTools v1.2 released

Updated version released.

New features are in previous post:
New features in incoming update 2 for NFS:U2 ModTools