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NFS-VltEd v4.5 Released

New features and improvements in this release:
Many fields now have names instead of just numbersAutomatic insertion of new line at the end of the ScriptEditorNew Collection Editor fully integrated with the ScriptEditor Improved Find function. Added the possibility to search in Nodes, Fields and Values Added ability to configure visual and collision model in the MODEL field Now the ModScript supports checkboxes and radiobuttons. It allows to select which features of the mod will be installed. Mods are not now installed automatically but only after clicking on the Install button. Fully supported 64-bit hash algorithm (Most Wanted) Dark Theme minor improvementsAdded new hashesand many minor improvements Issues fixed in this release Incorrect expansion of base fields outside the range, for example: resize_field pursuitlevels heat_06 cops -100Shifting sound disappeared after the database was saved (Most Wanted, Carbon)Camera issue in autosculpt mode (ProStreet)Invalid format for the stockPaint an…

NFS-Toolkit #2

Significant progress has been made since the last update. The toolkit has ability to import Wavefront .obj files (exported using default settings in the Blender software).

The sample mod created in the Blender:

The city model was downloaded from:

The view of imported mod:

There are no naming restrictions so textures and objects have the same names as in the .obj file. Textures are imported directly from the material file generated by the Blender's obj exporter.

Here are some screenshots from the game: