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NFS-Toolkit #1

NFS-Toolkit is under intensive development. It will be a unified tool which will allow to create a cars and whole game's world. At the moment only Need For Sped Most Wanted is almost (I am still working on the .OBJ import functionality) fully supported so all examples are related to this game.

The screenshot below shows how the user interface looks like:

Current version allows to load only the selected part of the game world. This will speed up game modding and minimize the required resources.

But of course nothing prevents to load even a whole world (except resources).

It's possible to delete map parts (sections). In the example below all sections except 'Q16' and 'Y' were deleted. The 'Y' sections contain textures only.

Another function that already works is the saving function. The screenshots below show the result of the delete operation in the game:

Next thing that works is the .OBJ export function. The exported file can be opened in any 3D Editor,…