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NFS-Toolkit - NFS: ProStreet - Sample map

NFS: ProStreet is now fully supported by NFS-Toolkit. Here is the video that shows fully working sample map on the game's engine. The map has different surfaces and it works in cut-scenes.

NFS-Toolkit #7 - Nevada Highway (ProStreet) to Most Wanted conversion

Next successful conversion, this time is one of the tracks from ProStreet - Nevada Highway. The police helicopter is doing quite well in the new map.

NFS-VltEd - Usage #2 - the ModScript format

The ModScript

It's a simple scripting language that supports several commands, external files, basic file operations and comments. The format is text-based, so NFSMS files can be edited via any text editor (for example Notepad).

NFS-Toolkit #6 - Map conversion from Most Wanted to Carbon

Next conversion has been done. This time in the opposite direction, from NFS Most Wanted to Carbon. At the moment the city looks a bit abandoned because of missing lighting and traffic.