NFS-ModManager v1.0 Released

NFS-ModManager - it's a tool that allows to manage mods in very easy way. The main feature is to load mods from subfolder instead of direct modification of game files.

First thing that needs to be done is initial configuration. By using the Add button you can populate games you want to manage.

Game will be automatically selected. The Remove button will delete selected game from the list. When the game folder won't contain any mods default entry will be displayed as follows:
You can notice that the text is a hyperlink, it means that you can click on it to open the MODS folder. Mod installation is very simple - to install the mod you have to just copy mod folder into the MODS subfolder, for example 'installed' Rockport v1.0 will look like this:
When the mod is copied just go back to the tool. Mod list will be automatically reloaded so the Rockport v1.0 mod will be visible instead of the default entry.
That's all. The mod is installed and ready to use. Run the game via the Run game button and enjoy the mod!

The mods list allows to manage active mods (only active mods will be loaded by the game). To disable any mod just click on the checkbox located on the left side of the hyperlink. Scenario when you will have mods that will change the same file is also supported. Conflicted mods will be marked with the word - Conflict.
In the example above you can notice that 2 mods (Languages (Test) and Languages Copy (Test)) have the same file/files, so on the right side there is a hyperlink with red text. When you make one of the mods not active the warning will disappear. Even conflicted mods can be loaded, but is not recommended, by the game but the order of loading conflicted file is determined by the alphabetical order of the mod name.You can also view exact list of the conflicted files by clicking on the Conflict text.

At the moment the following games are supported:
  • Underground
  • Underground 2
  • Carbon
  • Most Wanted
  • ProStreet
  • Undercover
  • World -  partial support because of external loader

Download the latest version


  1. it is not worth waiting for tools bored with texturas only in a simple way I wonder if coal can be used
    carbon and mw sa boring better hot chase 2010 more interesting to do more action something going on, and no stupid ride in a boring city pathetic
    As a city of the city of Palmont, you can live a nice city by yourself, but it is in a dream

    I wonder how it works with the nfs 360 project on NFS World convert Most Wanted style 2005 or with carbon fantastic maybe it will be realized in 2019 who knows we are waiting for it to succeed

  2. Replies
    1. It doesn't work because you didn't read what's written in the description. It's like a modloader but in an improved form.

  3. It's pretty convenient , I got it to work straight away. However it needs an installer for the config files , as they aren't installed when installing a car. But it works ! :)

  4. Oh goddamn, I was waiting for so long! Great tool!
    What about Vlt scripts support?

  5. Any news about map ediyor and global editor 🙂

  6. I read and I made it as it did not work out should someone put in a movie how to do it easier to show

  7. Is Modscript Supported? 'cause I tried to install a car mod and the game load the geometry and the textures but not the settings or the modscript.

  8. will this let me change maps in PS etc?

    1. it allows to load any game files so map conversion mods are supported too

  9. is there like a tutorial for this? sorry I just don't get it

  10. Is there a way to use Mod Manager and uMod or Texmod at the same time ??

  11. In the future, is it planned to be compatible with Mod Loader Most Wanted?

    1. you can easily convert a mod loader car to actually up to date mod formats

  12. Mods that modify texture are still not compatible? otherwise, in the next version could add this compatibility?

    1. could you give an example mod that does not work?


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