NFS-TexEd v1.1 beta Released

NFS-TexEd version 1.1 beta is available!

New features and fixes:
  • NFS Most Wanted - added support of XBox360 version (read only)
  • now it is possible to import textures with higher resolution for all files (for example FrontB.lzc) except STREAM.
  • supports files created by all NFS-Texture Compilers 
  • improving the P8 format support
  • automatic texture conversion supports both colour spaces: RGB and SRGB. Previously SRGB causes the following error: "Failed to decompress the texture. Error code: 0x80070057" 
  • exporting texture files with the same name will not overwrite existing files. Suffix will be added as follows: example (1).dds, example (2).dds
  • cache file (.texed_cache) will be no longer recreated after modification of STREAM file
  • the application window was not visible due to incorrect settings
  • importing textures with a different resolution caused the game to crash
  • game will no longer crash after modification of DYNTEX.BIN file, except NFS Underground
  • no flickering when resizing the texture preview
  • the app will not crash when you open not supported file
  • many minor fixes and improvements

Known bugs:
  • the tool doesn't support STREAML2RA.BUN from XBox360 version of NFS Most Wanted


Please report bugs in the comments section.


  1. Import and save a image with higher resolution in avatars.bin (nfs world) the program closes

  2. Nice!

    One thing: you say that Stream from Xbox isn't supported, but the screenshot clearly shows it opened up in TexEd.

    1. That's because the NFSMW XBOX 360 version has two STREAML2RA.BUN files:
      -one is STREAML2RA.BUN 459MB in size, which even in the past has never been able to be unpacked,
      -second is STREAML2RA_Perm.BUN which is 126MB in size that holds part of the game map textures, while the rest remain locked, for now at least.

      PS: nfsu360 thank you for the amazing update.

    2. STREAML2RA.BUN is weirdly JDLZ-packed to save weight. It is openable if you unpack it completely, but the juicy shizz are in _Perm so why bother?
      (osdever btw)

    3. Perm? You have NFS MW Russia Edititon?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So far testing the car vinyls for higher resolution and to change FONT TITLE resolution is still messed up for NFSMW, they do not work at all no matter what texture variation I try.

    I think for fonts to be changed I am missing something to make it work, I just don't understand what could be yet.

  5. Nice one! But I have an issue.

    Trying to import a DUMMY_SKIN1 texture higher than 512x512 makes the game crash.

    1. Almost forgot, the game is NFSMW, and the file I'm working on is Cars\Textures.bin

  6. Hi-res import for VINYLS.BIN files is still broken :(

  7. NFSMW
    I'm add big texrures,
    there were artifacts

  8. you should make NFS TexEd open vinyls from NFS ProStreet, i want to change camouflage vinyls and i can't do that

  9. Hello, I'm New in here,
    After I Download this app, Microsoft Defender Detected that App as Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.A in Windows 10.
    But, App Work fine for changing texture for NFSMW (Especially Changing a car vinyls, normal resolution).

  10. Important! Install VC Redist for Visual Studio 2015 first!

  11. amazing software for nfsworld, Im waiting for latest release ^^ Big THX for Your hard work

  12. cant download it says something about virus and only owner can download it

  13. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) Can You Fix It?

  14. vcomp140.dll was missing can anyone help with this?

  15. Do you add support NFS World data\LicensePlates\*.stp
    Licenseplates.bin error

  16. nfs360, please, patching this error: "Unable to load the file. Errore code: 0x80070003". Game: Need For Speed™: World. Advance thanks! ;-) =)

  17. I am missing a DLL VCOMP140.DLL where can i fix this problem??

    1. try to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable:

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.


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