NFS-Toolkit - Palmont City on the ProStreet engine

Initial map conversion from Carbon to ProStreet.


  1. Insane! I hope you'll fix it and release as soon as possible.
    Anyway, thanks for your job!

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  3. So... With this, we can actually put more tracks on the game?

  4. Hi. Where i can download this tool? I'm a modeller, i'm making a part of my city, you can see here:

    I want to put it on MW, Carbon, ProStreet, and more. Also it would be interesting convert Rockport and more tracks to another games.

    Thank you very much and cheers.

    1. Also you can see my proyect here too:

      Please answer me, your job are great, make, replace or extract nfs tracks is a dream come true. Cheers!

  5. when will the toolkit be released mr nfs360... it has been a year nw


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