NFS-Toolkit - NFS: ProStreet - Sample map

NFS: ProStreet is now fully supported by NFS-Toolkit. Here is the video that shows fully working sample map on the game's engine. The map has different surfaces and it works in cut-scenes.


  1. That means I will be able to dorifto on Carbon's racetrack in ProStreet?

  2. Awesome as always, man! Keep up!

  3. First when you release this and second Now Did you convert map to Underground 2?

  4. Oh, shit, man, that's amazing;)

  5. nfsu360,
    Where and when can I download the toolkit and the maps converted from one game to another?

    1. No ETA guys. He said maybe at the end of June, July or August. My tip is when he finished. So comeback later and cross your fingers. Enjoy the summer, go to the beach, drink Bacardi Cola or anything. BTW I'll do that and the time will go on and when you come back the dl link will be here ;)


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