First custom car for NFS: Underground released

The worlds first community created custom car modification for Need for Speed Underground - BMW M3.


  1. the download link is invalid

  2. Wooo dude you did it!! Nice work men

  3. the download link is valid!
    all is OK!

  4. That’s another fantastic achievement, Dawid! I’ve just tested the car and – unsurprisingly – it works (and looks) just fine and feels like it’s always belonged to the game in the first place. Sure, I’d love to see an example demonstrating the various extras (s/a custom lights, bumpers, side skirts and what not) but, after all, that's something for ambitious car creators to bother with.

    So… you finally did it! You managed to enable support for user–created add–on cars in two of the most successful NFS titles to date, which seems even more impressive considering that even Arushan gave up trying to accomplish the task because of the significant complexity of those games. It’s quite unfortunate that it had to be someone as narrow–minded and prejudiced as Sinisterrorist to break out the news to the community members both at NFSCars and NFSAddOns in such an arrogant and dismissive manner but… you know what? Just ignore this tactless asshole and enjoy the enthusiastic feedback from the many grateful fans.

    I’m led to believe that you (along with your trusty ‘test driver’ and, uhm, occasional modeler known as Robin’7t4) are currently working on yet another (secret) title so… the best of luck with that and THANK YOU so much for your talent, dedication and patience!

  5. Sweet! /goes and looks for his Ug1 CD...


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