NFS:U2 ModTools v1.2 released

Updated version released.

New features are in previous post:
New features in incoming update 2 for NFS:U2 ModTools

Download the latest version here


  1. Hi nfsu360. I have a question. How do neon lights under the hood? What and where do I do?

  2. Good work!
    I just wanted to ask: Is there any small size wavefront *.obj editor that keeps all materials, parts and don't reduces quality of 3d model.

  3. I'm having a problems with some parts for RX7 replacement. I have created all parts from parts.txt list, but there are few bumpers and skirts missing. I tried to remake a car, but I'm still having the same problem.

  4. Help me! i used the NFs-CFeg.exe and when i press load,a window appears.then,It Needs to load GlobalB.lzc then when i load it,it says"Invalid File" What will i Do? Please Respond nfsu360!

  5. Guys I am using my blackberry to download the nfsu2 mod tools v1.2 but the page does not want to load. Please help.


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