NFS: ProStreet Modding Tools Update progress

I'm currently working on update for NFS:ProSteet ModTools. Updated Geometry Compiler will lock geometry. Package will include new tool: NFS-VltEd for ProSteet. This tool will create files handled by installer.


  1. part BASE_A needed in 3d-model?
    But the Geometry compiler on compilation process time shows an error, if doesn't exist BASE_A object in 3d-model.

    Please, fix it. Thanks.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Best regards, Knyazev

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  3. Nice. What are gonna be features of VLTEdit? Just wheel positions,or some chance to be able to edit car's physics too?

  4. It will be like VLTEdit for NFS MW. With this tool you can edit car's physics too.

  5. When will this be released? D:


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