NFS:Carbon Geometry Successfully Cracked

11 March 2010: NFS:Carbon Geometry Successfully Cracked by nfsu360


  1. Just awesome, keep up the great work!

  2. Woooaaah!!! I expected no less! (In fact, that’s exactly what I expected, given your talent, Dav.)

    Looks like Sinister really hates you though! That being said, if he’s saying that comparing you to his good pal Arushan would be an insult TO YOU, it’s hard to disagree. You did ‘crack’ two (old but practically legendary and still popular) titles which kept Arushan confused for about two years before he finally gave up in order to focus on the more straightforward (and less controversial) Most Wanted.

    If you pull off the AutoSculpt support in Carbon, it will be a breakthrough of the caliber incomparable to anything Arushan has ever done with regards to NFS modding.

    Just the same, when a co-admin and a so-called ‘community leader’ reacts in such a decidedly unenthusiastic fashion (to say the least) to yet another successful achievement by – let’s face it – the only active NFS modder, it’s difficult not to feel bitter about the whole thing.

    On a more positive note, I can’t wait to see the first fruits of this latest project so, needless to say, good luck with the implementation and ironing out any remaining troublesome issues! (And with convincing those NFSCars morons to devote less than one month to the painful task of creating the relevant add-on section, of course.)

  3. Men you are the best, great work

  4. great job !!! go nfs shift please :D

  5. release tools for NFS carbon geometry /compiler, DDS DTX1 DTX3 .../

    And Sound cracking ?

  6. yeah I agree to Double Mac.
    You have done so much for nfs community.
    And all your tools are working great.
    If you need any help - I would be happy to help.

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