NFS Modding Toolkit #2

All projects have been cancelled but it is not a bad news because I decided to create a all-in-one tool called NFS Modding Toolkit. The tool will have a user friendly interface that allows to load various files (.obj, .z3d (v1 only), .bin (textures, geometry)). Right now supported games are:
  • Need For Speed Underground 2 (read only)
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted (read only)
  • Need For Speed Carbon (read only)
  • Need For Speed ProStreet (read only)
  • Need For Speed Undercover (read  / export)
Example car for Need For Speed Undercover

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Underground 2


  1. Interesting... no need to point others to different tools soon then. XD

    Btw, don't know if you read, but NFSW's closing in July.
    In the meantime, I'm ripping as much licence plate (and personal driver livery) textures as I can.

  2. This is awesome!! I'm so glad you are still around :D regardless of what you are working on, you absolutely rock and I want to thank you for all the joy I got from using your modding tools. Best of luck with your projects!

  3. Nice to see you again, man! Keep going, you are amazing programmer :)

  4. so, nfsu360, any words on sound files of NFSMW, UG2, Carbon and UG? I have deciphered some useful infos

  5. Don't you want to share some sources of unfinished things? This way someone might finish them...

  6. please give me download links of nfs toolkit

  7. please give me download links of nfs toolkit


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