NFS-VltEd v1.0 Released

NFS-VltEd it's a editor that allows to view and modify data in game database. The tool was designed to be very easy to use so it has built-in data validation and all changes are directly saved to database.

Supported games:
- NFS:Most Wanted
- NFS:Carbon
- NFS:ProStreet
- NFS:Undercover

Thanks to Robin'7t4 most of hashes are resolved and will be successively updated.

Download the latest version here

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • To extract .rar archive use the latest version of WinRAR


  1. I applaud your dedication! The fact you finished this is inspiring!

  2. Nfsu360, thank you for making an outstanding tool!

    I want to tell you that me and several GTRCars users are working in an unofficial patch for NFS Most Wanted 2005. This is not a joke, and I'm being as serious as possible. Please check this link:

    The problem is that the file that is required by your VltEd tool to be loaded (GlobalMemoryfile.bin) is actually a bloated memory file which has priority over other files and nullifies every change that can be made to attributes.bin. We have de-bloated the file to prevent any bugs and make our changes possible. With this, I actually mean that any edition made by your VLT-Ed will be impossible, since it will require a file which will not have any info, and that we will not keep because of the reasons I already mentioned.

    The other problem is that some sub-nodes (5-10%) aren't being read, and some values (More or less the same percentage) are either not being read or they are incorrect. These problems are minimal, and the tool can be perfectly used as a database for MW, since the offset info is accurate.

    We propose you to join GTRCars (All Team members are there), so we can look for a solution to these issues, and we all can ensure maximum compatibility.

  3. Also, is it possible to make the Vlt-Ed to load fe_attribs.bin and gameplay.bin so it can be possible to edit them?

    1. Unofficial patch it is a a very interesting idea. I made some progress on ability to load fe_attribs.bin, gameplay.bin and attributes.bin. This functionality will be available very soon.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you so much for answering my post! About the functionality of the 3 files, it's absolutely great news!
      This will totally ensure maximum compatibility with the Patch!

      I know you're extremely busy, but since you have been able to create many files to mod several NFS games, would you like to work with us in the Patch? Your help is indeed most appreciated.

      Best regards : )

      P.S., my older comment had spelling mistakes, that's it.

    4. Also, a suggestion: Could you please add the info of the location of the offset, in case users need to edit the files with hex-editors?

    5. Hi, hex editor is not required because all changes can be saved directly to these files by the tool.

    6. Hey, nfsu360! Is it possible to ativate disabled normal maps on the cars in mw using your tool?

    7. You're right, but it will help a lot for looking for the codes in a hex-editor, specially edits that go out of the bounds of VLT.

  4. Hi, for some reason I can't open the .rar file :( 7Zip and Winrar say it's not a valid zip file / unable to open as an archive! Help!?

    1. try the latest version of Win Rar, I had the same problem but it was fixed when I downloaded the newest Win Rar

  5. @iamrexar
    this is not possible, because normal maps are not used in shaders

  6. Nice tool! I ve waiting for this!!! Thanks nfsu360 and all the colaborators who helped for making the tool!

    Also i have some requests/questions to have answered:
    1-How i can edit the .nfscfg* file for easy edition?
    2-How i can add/delete class and collection markers/values?
    3-Is there a way to view the offsets where i edit?

    PD: the .nfscfg is the file when the tool imports.
    -also in the second request/question refers to if i can add new values, example, in the section:
    It would be better if you could add another car for more performance tuning packages/parts.


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