NFS:Carbon Bugatti Veyron final version preview. Release soon!

The car is fully compatible with NFS:Carbon. It supports the following features:

  • Customisation: hoods, roof scoops, spoilers, rims
  • All Autosculpt features: rims, front bumpers, rear bumpers, skirts, hoods, roof scoops, spoilers, exhaust tips


  1. Looks really great!! I can't wait for release)))

  2. cogratulation for you car perfect

  3. OMG Amazing, I run out of words, ... just amazing!!!!

  4. awesome! NFSC just need a Veyron!! no more!

  5. This car will be much better than a Ferrari for the NFS: Most Wanted, because it contains tuning parts !!! I can't wait for release! What's next? NFS: ProStreet or NFS: Undercover ?? :)

  6. When the car is ready? Will you put a to download? Very good car !!!!!

  7. When It Release /Download ? I am eagerly for your program.

    When I wait to date?? It will be this week or next week or next month?

    I wait for release =DDD

  8. You are doing amazing things!
    Thanks for sharing all these tools.
    Will you try to make a modtools for ProStreet too?
    And very nice car ;)
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Greetings nfsu360, cool, nice and very,very...
    And you can make release beta version your program. Very much I ask.

  10. Man this beautiful!!!!!exellent work

  11. can anyone tell me how to replace the Murcielago and Lamborghini sign with the bugatti and veyron Sign please?????

  12. Hi, I have been studying their tools to make a custom edition of the bugatti veyron in my way, but the q came z3d files within the folder in NFS Carbon Bugatti_Source ModTools v1.1, we do not agree with what is inside the geometry v1.2 . ... bin but also I can not get to edit the way I want to v1.2! I feel that many files to be lacking in the quality of v1.2.

    Well, if you could send me the files z3d to my email, I'll be grateful!

    ruggeri.luizfernando @

    Sorry for my English is horrible!


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