NFS Geometry Viewer

NFS Geometry Viewer has been completed. Currently there are two supported games: NFS ProStreet and NFS Undercover. In future other NFS games will be added. Viewer can open geometry files that contain cars, traffics and parts like spoilers. Integrated hash resolving module provides full names so part/texture/material name will not be trimmed. Additional functionality is ability to preview .obj and .z3d (zmodeler v1.0x) files.


  1. nfsu360, is there a possible way for me to contact you? it is really important

  2. well done! Please make Underground 2 supported. Please, please, please...

  3. I plan on swapping these cars into NFSUC:

    Ferrari 360 Modena (Forza)
    Cadillac STS-V (Scratch)

    When the tools are ready and I finish the two cars above i'll be open for requests.

  4. wow.. really cool design... I so love it. can you design a buggatti veryon?

    Loi =)
    nitrous oxide systems

  5. Please Release it for us too!
    Even when it only supports UC

  6. Great work bro :) when will it be released?

  7. link for download please!?!?!?


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