NFS:U2 ModTools Update 2

New features in incoming update 2 for NFS:U2 ModTools

NFS:U2 Geometry Compiler
Fixed issues that some people were experiencing with .z3d files:
- invalid material index
- indices count is 0
- infinite loading loop
- fixed crash bug
Added Save Log function

NFS-CfgEd for NFS:U2:

- added Ride height
- added SUV flag
- added Stock Color
- changed user interface
- automatically load last GlobalB.lzc file
- automatically fill and updatecar data when car selected
- changed export format to .u2car


- fixed issues that some people were experiencing with globalb.lzc
- changed import format to .u2car


  1. can i known when NFS-CfgInstaller can be fixed..?

  2. What do you want to fix in NFS-CfgInstaller?

  3. maybe that Kaspersky anti-virus found a trojan in this program?! (I understand that this alarm is false:))


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