NFS: Carbon ModTools v1.1 & NFS:Carbon Bugatti Veyron v1.2 released

NFS:Carbon ModTools v1.1 features:
- fixed multiple .obj files support
- fully supported ZModeler v1.x format (supported compressed .z3d files)
- added new tool: NFS:Carbon Geometry Viewer
- updated NFS:Car Setup & NFS-CfgEd (now all NFS:Carbon versions are supported)
- now NFS:Carbon Geometry Compiler checking assigned materials
- some minor fixes and improvements

 NFS:Carbon Bugatti Veyron v1.2 features:
- fixed lights
- fixed installer (from NFS:Carbon ModTools v1.1)

Special thanks to Robin'7t4 for the help with testing tools and creating this mod.


  1. Hi, can you update NFS TexEd, cause last version doesn't work with newest NFSWorld betas.

    Thank's a lot for your work, we really appreciate that.

  2. @d2rty
    Better idea is waiting for final release of NFS:World and then add support this game, because the binary format can be changed many times.

  3. When can I download a nfs carbon ModTools v1.1?

  4. Can you make the geometry copiler to work whit copcars and other things like wheels ,spoilers,roof scoop

  5. I need the support of the texture translator DXT 3 format.
    Do it under the car neon effects.

  6. on the right of this page can be downloaded just check nfscarbon mod tools v1,1


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